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Authentic films for free-spirited lovers



We're so happy you're here! We are a team of FL + NC based Videographers who specialize in modern + edgy films.




Hi! My name is Victoria Fregoso and I was born and raised in sunny Miami, FL. Story-telling through the lens has been my greatest love ever since I was gifted a Barbie polaroid when I was 8 years old and I can't believe I'm lucky enough to actually do this for a living.


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— Fun fact: I was a photographer first. After a couple years in the industry, I was inspired to bring a fun + fresh element to the Videography side of things; thus VMF Film Co. was born. 


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*We don't use any formula and our #1 goal is to capture you and your day exactly as it  was and not some set-up posey version of you. 




I'm all about the happy tears, silly dance moves, extra tight hugs, and everything in between.  I care about your story and I strive to tell it honestly and with love.



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